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Selling Your Home

Proper market value • Impressive presentation • Exceptional results

  1. Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation appointment to meet at your home…
    • We’ll get an understanding of your goals and answer any questions you may have
    • We will review our Smart Marketing Plan
    • We’ll also take a quick tour of the home to be able to provide the most accurate analysis
  2. A comprehensive market analysis will be completed and we’ll review the data with you to determine the proper market value.
  3. If everything we’ve presented meets your expectations… Let’s Get To Work
    • Sign the listing contract (the contract provides TPR the exclusive right to market your property for sale)
    • We’ll visit your home again to finalize listing info (room sizes, details, features, etc)
    • We’ll submit our staging recommendations for you to prep the home for pictures and for showings
    • We’ll schedule a time to take pictures once your staging preparations are completed
    • We’ll get your home listed and ready to sell (see marketing plan) – listed on MLS within 24hrs of pictures being taken
  4. Be Flexible and Accommodating
    • Potential buyers will schedule showings through their Realtors. It is important to be accommodating to their requested dates & times
    • You’ll receive a call, text or email from us to to confirm showing appointments
  5. Get Ready to Negotiate Offers
    • Ideally you’ll receive an offer within reason of your asking price without many contingencies or concessions
    • You may receive lowball offers. The facts established in our market analysis allow you to either ignore these offers or aggressively counter-offer
    • Respectable offers will come, we’ll help you understand the details of the offer and suggest ways to come to terms with the interested party
  6. Accepting the Offer
    • The buyer will likely make the offer contingent upon a home inspection
    • If the inspection report indicates anything of concern to the buyer, they may ask for you to have it corrected/repaired or reduce the contract price to cover the expense (we will provide our recommendations for how to proceed)
    • Once all contingencies are cleared (buyers mortgage approval, inspections, etc.) it is time to prepare for settlement. Begin packing and making preparations for moving!
  7. Settlement
    • The title/settlement company will prepare the documents required for settlement.
    • You will be sent a detailed settlement sheet (HUD-1) which details all the costs/proceeds involved in the transaction
    • We will review this form with you to make sure you understand everything
    • All parties (buyers, sellers, agents) will meet at the title/settlement companies office – buyers & sellers will sign all the settlement documents
    • You’ll receive a check for the proceeds of the sale, and the buyers will receive the keys to the home
    • If you are buying another home at the same time, we’ll move onto that settlement
  8. Moving Time
    • You’ll need to be completely moved out of the home prior to settlement
    • Many issues can arise at settlement, especially if multiple properties are linked together. To avoid the stress and hassle of settlements being delayed with moving vans ready, but no place to go, we recommend having a contingency plan in place. We’ll make sure you understand the chain of events with your transaction(s) and see that you are prepared with a contingency plan.

*This selling guide is intended to be used as an overview of the general process. Every transaction has unique circumstances and may vary from the steps listed above.