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Pricing Structure

We’ll meet with you for a Free, No Obligation consultation to explain our services and get an understanding of your goals.


The higher value your property is, the more you save.

For Properties priced less than $200,000 there is a flat $3,300 listing commission.

For properties priced above $200,000, the listing commission is 1.65% (see calculator for how much you can save).

Each listing contract requires a $250 deposit. There is a money back guarantee for this deposit if you feel that our marketing plan is not effective and you wish to be released from the listing contract.

By agreeing to list with True Point Realty, you also agree to offer 3% buyers agent commission. It is customary for the buyers agent commission to be paid from the contract proceeds. By offering a 3% commission, you’re ensuring that your house gets equal consideration from buyers agents.


We can also save you money when buying a property. The clients we work with do a lot of research on their own and we reward them for that. The property you are buying customarily includes 3% commission to the buyers agent. Because you are working with TPR, we’ll share that with you. You’ll get 15% of the commission we receive (see calculator for how much that could be)

See our Buying Guide to learn more about how you save time and energy finding the right property for you.


When you refer a friend or family member, they’ll save an additional $250.

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